Do you know that a small power failure can cause a big problem?

When there is a power failure, the backup power with the UPS batteries switches on. This concerns both big companies and data centres as well as air ports and hospitals. New UPS-batteries are expected to work up to 15 years, a few of them will deteriorate after a few years whereas others might be faulty from the start.

If the UPS batteries are not working correctly, companies will experience great losses. For data centres it might be the loss of money, for example the stock market or banks, whereas hospitals might lose lives, all due to that the backup power won’t switch on as it should.
Batscan battery monitoring
W&D Group analyze the data from UPS batteries for backup power to detect a bad or critical condition in the batteries to prevent possible consequences during a power failure.

With W&D Group’s service agreement, we will give you reports four times a year. We will also do a check-up to see if the batteries are OK, once a week as well. We show the results as a comprehensive but easy to understand summary with graphs and accurate data analysis. This will be uploaded to a personal website for your data.

What benefits will this get you? With W&D Group’s analysis you will be able to detect the faulty batteries rather than being forced to replace batteries when it is not necessary. This will ensure safety for you and the backup power supply as well as it will lead to economic and environmental benefits.

We work with specialists who have many years of professional experience. Therefore, we can ensure that your assignment receives the best competence in its field.