A Sustainable Data centre

Electricity consumption is increasing and so are electricity prices, so cost efficiency is therefore required. It is estimated that 1% of the world’s electricity is used by data centers, and the number is increasing. Most of it is used to run the servers, but they produce heat and therefore need to be cooled, which also requires energy.

How do I make my data centre greener? The best way is to upgrade to new equipment, development moves forward all the time. The products are becoming more and more energy efficient and sustainable. Above all, the backup power, how the batteries work and how the batteries are checked. Is it with a secure and reliable system? Can the UPS batteries be checked over time?

If you replace the batteries too soon it can generate unnecessary costs and a negative impact on the environment. To make sure that your UPS battery is in good condition at all times, it must be monitored. By continuously measuring the battery current and each individual cell or block voltage, faults can be detected in an early state.

Battery cells can be replaced as soon as a fault is detected and the overall power system’s reliability is increased significantly, at the same time as optimal working condition is guaranteed for the rest of the battery.

Only replacing bad batteries will ensure safety for you and the backup power supply as well as it will lead to economic and environmental benefits.